Oversized Cargo Shipping We have a wide range of solutions that can be tailored
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Professional handling is necessary for shipping oversized cargo. We have over 25 years of experience in shipping oversized cargo such as armored vehicles, trucks, buses, heavy equipment, and heavy machinery. It is recommended to ship oversized cargo in flat rack containers since the dimensions of the cargo exceed that of a 40 ft container. Special lasing is required to secure oversized cargo into place, which our team is equipped to handle.

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We are very resourceful when is comes to providing solutions to ship any type of oversized cargo. Having shipped oversized cargo to multiple locations around the world makes Euro Star Shipping Services LLC the perfect choice to ship your cargo. With our expertise, you can expect to have your cargo securely positioned into place using the most premium material and have it shipped without any damage. The dimensions and weight of the cargo is vital in determining the cost of shipping. Customers can call or request a quotation for more information about shipping oversized cargo.

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