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At Euro Star Shipping Services, we take pride in shipping your vehicles from Dubai to any destination worldwide. With over 25 years of experience in shipping over one million vehicles, we have devised the perfect method to provide a comprehensive sea freight experience to our clients.
Look no further if you require a service that is quick, professional, safe, cost-effective, and reliable. Our staff are trained to provide you with the most creative and fastest solutions through
our extensive shipping line network. We have an excellent reputation in providing the most efficient means to transport single or multiple vehicles for our individuals and corporate client.
We have experience in shipping vehicles to several regions of the world such as Africa, Europe, Asia, Central America, North America, South America, The Caribbean, and Oceania.

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We aim to provide a seamless experience to our clients with their shipping needs. It is of utmost importance that your vehicles reach their destination in perfect condition. Our loading team consists of highly trained individuals with countless hours of work experience. We specialize in shipping all types of vehicles in any condition - brand new, used, damaged/accident, and oversized (i.e., armored vehicles, trucks, buses, etc.).

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Vehicle Shipping

1. Dedicated Container Shipping:  This method is ideal to ship a single vehicle. We can arrange for the car to be picked from your doorstep and deliver it to your preferred destination. Our loading team will lash the vehicle securely to prevent in transit damages. Customers are provided with the advantage of loading any other personal effects and cargo items as well.

2. Consolidated Container Shipping: This method is preferred when our clients want to ship multiple vehicles. Shipping multiple vehicles in a container is cost-efficient method to ship vehicles. We are pioneers in shipping 3-4 vehicles in a 40 ft container. Depending on the dimension of the vehicle, we are capable of shipping 5-6 vehicles in a single 40 ft container. Get in touch with our team, so we can advise you the safest, affordable, and reliable method
to ship your vehicles.

3. RORO (Roll on/Roll off): RORO shipping is essentially shipping vehicles without a container. Any type of wheeled vehicle can be shipped using RORO. The vehicle will simply be loaded or “rolled on” to the vessel at the port of loading and unloaded or “rolled off” at the port of discharge. RORO is the most economical form of shipping; however, it is important to note that the vehicle should be in working condition and no cargo items should be inside the vehicle.

1. Commercial Invoice

2. Export Certificate (if the vehicle is for local export)

3. Export Certificate or Vehicle Clearance Certificate (VCC) (if the vehicle is for re-export)

4. Passport or Emirates ID (if the vehicle is for personal use)

1. Commercial Invoice/Packing List
2. Tourism Certificate
3. Carnet Paper
4. Mulkiya Copy/Vehicle Registration Card
5. Passport, Emirates ID, and Visa Page Copy

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